Vlašić is a high mountain barrier which, like a huge fortress, hovers over the environment. It occupies an important place in the tourism industry of the region due to its forests, meadows and numerous sources. The highest peak – Paljenik reaches 1943 meters above sea level. This mountain beauty is located in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and even during the Austro-Hungarian rule it was recognized as an excellent tourist center. The Devečani area (1760m) and the top of Galica represent attractive targets for hikers and have well-marked trails. On Babanovac (1260 m), which is connected to Travnik with a 20 km long road, is a famous winter sports center, which has 5 ski lifts, trails for ski walking in a total length of 15 km and 4 jumps.

For years Vlašić has been known for the international Bowl Vlašić Europe Cup, which has been held 13 times at the 90-meter ski jump where in front of 12,000 spectators competitors from 10 European countries, Japan and the U.S. performed; for its status of an acclimatization sports center reserve of the XIV Olympic Games and the prestigious Silver Flake admission.

Wooded pasture areas with ski-lifts are excellent trails for Alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Lifts are the following: “Ugar” – with a capacity of 650 skiers per hour, “Markovac” – also with 650 skiers per hour, a double anchor-lift “Babanovac” – capacity of 2100 skiers per hour of night skiing, a recently built ski-lift “Visovi” – with a capacity of 900 skiers per hour and a “Baby” ski-lift for children and beginners with a capacity of 300 skiers per hour. This lift is equipped with floodlights for night skiing, which starts each night from 5 pm to 10 pm.

Although all seasons can interchange in the span of one day, Vlašić is often shown in scenes with skiers sunbathing whilst leaning on their skis. The benefits of the area for tourism are evidenced by the large number of private homes, and many hotels and guest houses on Babanovac. On Vlašić and Babanovac snow remains during 5 months of the year. Stormy days are extremely rare, and trails for skiers are protected from strong winds. This is an attractive place for visitors in other seasons as well, especially in the summer. Excursions, hiking, walks in the most beautiful areas of Vlašić, like the river Ugar and its source, Kraljica (one of the best parts of Vlašić), Devečani (mountain home), and the top of Vlašić – Opaljenik, at an altitude of 1943m, where a broadcasting relay is situated, a visit to Katuni where by long line tradition, a well-known Vlašić cheese and other local products are produced.

The quality of air on Vlašić has positive effects on blood counts, and is particularly recommended for people suffering bronchitis and pulmonary disease, and those in the postoperative period, children, seniors, sports teams, etc. Here for centuries already a sheep breeding tradition has been upheld; the most famous product of this livestock industry is the Vlašić cheese, which can be purchased directly from the shepherds. Vlašić, among other things, is known for its cheese, which is among the best white cheese in brine. The assumption is that the technique of cheese manufacturing in these areas was brought by nomadic herders from the East called Vlachs, hence the name Vlašić. This tradition was later adopted by herders from the surrounding mountains, and now Vlašić cheese is produced all over the country and the wider region. Villagers from Vlašić brought it to Travnik and sold it there, and because of this it is also called Travnik cheese. However, Vlašić cheese is also made out of cow’s milk for those who find the flavor of sheep milk too strong. It is traditionally cut into slices and packaged in wooden tubs.